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Fuel System / Re: Xs500 E float hight setting
« Last post by Karolys on April 19, 2018, 07:12:01 PM »
25.7mm with the floats pressed in?
Fuel System / Re: First time playing with Carbs!
« Last post by Joffa1 on April 19, 2018, 03:31:52 AM »
Found this in depth article for BS38 and 34 carbs 👍
Introductions / Re: Hello friends!
« Last post by mvluv13 on April 17, 2018, 09:40:51 PM »
Welcome to the TX community, looks like a great starting point. She was obviously loved by the previous owners.
Introductions / Re: Hello friends!
« Last post by anveville on April 17, 2018, 06:11:04 PM »
Hello Ian!

Great introduction, and great bike, too, even if it needs TLC!

Welcome here.

You are at the right place to get all information needed.
Introductions / Hello friends!
« Last post by greaseorbounce on April 17, 2018, 05:41:20 PM »
Hey! First off, a short intro! I'm Ian. As a fun aside, the screen name comes from my other hobby, which is flying small aircraft. "grease or bounce" refers to getting the landing perfect, or bouncing. The name gets a lot of funny questions on motorcycle forums, but it just follows me from my airplane forums. Ian is fine.

I have joined the club. The fleet has gained a very rough '73 TX500. The thing has been passed around like a ....... well yeah, let's just say there have been a number of previous owners.

Somewhere along the way someone did a Brat conversion, and in the process a restoration that was entirely 'not awful'. It was repainted clearly, and was definitely stripped down. No creampuff, and no hope of ever being original or restored, but should make for a fun town bike and maybe entertaining to ride in a parade or two.

I got a very good deal on it, and so I took my chances. It ran, though only barely. As part of the 'conversion' they put a pair of Mikuni VM32s on it. Two left-side VM32s.... Ugh. Compression is good, spark is good, but it runs "rough at best." I am inclined to think that sorting out the carbs would likely get us decent results.

I have not pulled the head to see if it suffers the infamous cracked head issues, and I am inclined to leave it alone unless I absolutely have to pull it. Though that may be sooner than later, because it appears that some ham-handed 'mechanic' did a number on the left-side spark plug threads. It may end up being a helicoil candidate.

I'm not willing to dump much money into it, as it is mostly just a toy, and not really something I have taken on as a large-scale project, but all of that could change.

If any of you have any idea of jetting baselines for the vm32 on these bikes I would LOVE to hear them. I don't even really have a starting point to work off of, and it's clearly a mess. The right plug was black and sooty, and the left plug was good or if anything just a little lean. I'm gonna yank the carbs off and clean them out and figure out what jets are currently there.

Also, the bike currently doesn't have any vacuum ports that I could find on quick inspection, so I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to balance these. I suppose the old "feel the exhaust" stunt should get me close, but I might try to install a bung.

Here's a picture for some entertainment. I would love suggestions or opinions on path forward. I work on a lot of bikes, but I'm brand new to the TX/XS500.

Hope to make some friends around here!


Attempt to post a picture: (if someone can tell me how to scale this, I would love to fix it! o.O)

General Discussion / Dart Fly Screen
« Last post by TexRex on April 17, 2018, 05:44:59 AM »
Hi All,
I'm wondering if anyone here has fitted a Dart SR400 fly screen to their XS500.
Your Bike / Re: Model question
« Last post by Brywil on April 16, 2018, 11:32:10 PM »
Hello Guy

Mine is  1H2-006256 with matching engine numbers too so in sequence looks to be a 1976 ?
I find it really interesting to think where had it been for two years before being road registered ? Who knows and I probably wont find out but I suppose the bikes may of been around for longer in the logistics and Retailer areas back then, or was it kept on a military ground for a more interesting example who knows.
I love the colours of my bike and wondered if the colours in the UK markets were different to other markets or the same colours at different model years ? Very interesting stuff 🏍

General Discussion / Re: Ď73 TX500 Speedo/tachometer ratio?
« Last post by nk140 on April 16, 2018, 06:15:50 PM »
I just bought a 1:5 gauge for my 73 TX before reading on here. I will write back with results.  I am in the process of getting this basket case running.
Engine & Transmission / Re: Oil filter adapter idea
« Last post by Brywil on April 15, 2018, 10:26:39 AM »

So did the ebay filter fit ?

Fuel System / First time playing with Carbs!
« Last post by Joffa1 on April 15, 2018, 05:59:22 AM »
Hi guys the work has begun in earnest on my new XS500C.

Iíve never played with a carburettor bike before so steep learning curve! I have pulled apart one and left the other in tact in case I get a bit lost.

So far I have managed to destroy the slide diaphragm. Is it possible to replace just the rubber diaphragm and not the whole slide assembly? Looks to be 2 little plastic rings that would need to come off and go back on with new diaphragm. Any tips on this? Otherwise I have seen the JBM industries option and looks like an easy fix.

So I guess main question is now Iím ready to give the carb a bath (what cleaner do you recommend?) looking at the photos is it ok to dunk the whole lot as is now? Iíve read I have to be careful not to ruin any o rings or rubber/plastic parts but where are these... I donít see any.

Also this needle/jet whatever it is running through the middle of the carb is that supposed to come out... no slots so not sure how to do that short of grabbing with grips or pliers and donít really want to do that...

Any advice on how to finish this carb clean up and rebuild much appreciated.

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