Author Topic: Greetings from MISSOURI!!!  (Read 1206 times)

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Greetings from MISSOURI!!!
« on: October 23, 2015, 11:14:15 PM »
Hello everyone!

Just picked up a rough running 75 xs500B for 475. 12k miles.

Pulled carbs rebuilt them using a kit from sci, replaced both leaky petcocks, I was going to sync the carbs but the vacuum port is a different size than my probes (go figure, fit my buddies 71 cb500 no problem). New plugs and oil.

After the rebuild it runs great starts right up and runs around the backroads just fine.

Damn is it hard to find parts for this thing. I'm located in the US and it seems impossible to find a Haynes of clymers?! Any input would be appreciated on a source. I have the tx/xs500 service manual pdf which is alright.

Degree in engineering so I'm just smart enough to tear this thing apart and make stupid mistakes!

Front brake seems to be dragging, I would like to replace master cylinder, caliper, rotor and upgrade to stainless steel cables. I've been scouring the form for this info and it seems to be there.

Looking at ordering new sprockets front and rear and a new chain, can I fit an o ring chain (530?) with stock sprockets?

I would also like to replace wheel bearings (front and rear). Any aid on these parts? Not sure what j need.

I'm somewhat worried it almost looks like their is oil coming from the exhaust at the header/engine bracket (poor word choice I'm sure) I will be compression testing this weekend, maybe oil from a bad ring?

I'm not looking to do anything too crazy just get it up and running with maybe a few mods(mufflers etc).

Are there any issues with removing the front fender? Does it act as a fork stiffener? Mikexs offers a fork softener that fits over the 650 fender, could this be used in lieu of stock fender?

Anyways, sorry for the wall. I've had a lot of questions! I'll post pictures when I'm not on mobile.

Hope this forum still gets views I'll do my part by starting a build post with lots of pictures!

Thank you all for the posts I've already read!