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Why i'm here .
« on: December 01, 2015, 01:52:18 AM »
 Bought my '74 TX 500 A used in 1975 . I liked the handling and relaxed ride compared to my '73 RD350 . When the
racing bug bit , I decided to try the TX as my road racer . My first race was at Riverside raceway in July 1976 .
Prior to the track , a friend and I practiced deep leaning at the Santa Anita (horse) track parking lot .
  For years I had watched Can-Am , Trans-Am , and NASCAR racing at Riverside , and was so thrilled to be on that
hallowed asphalt !
   My 500 had a big handicap on top speed to the RD's and Honda 500/550's but I found I could make up most if
not all of it in cornering speed ! Any of us old codgers may remember Cook Nielson's Ducati 750 SS which he won
the Daytona superbike race with ? I and my lowly TX re-passed him in turns after being zoomed on straights
several times . '
  I raced my TX till the end of the '76 season , then went on to race RD350's and my '79 cb750 SS , but I think
the old TX500 was the easiest bike to ride at or past the limit I have ever been on .