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Greetings from Nashville!
« on: May 22, 2016, 05:41:37 PM »
Hey guys - Charlie here, and so happy to have a place for all things 500!

I recently purchased a '74 Yamaha TX500 about 3 hours outside of town. First bike, and so far she's been an absolute delight. After 2 weeks of riding, i've decided (like most) to get my hands dirty and start going through the bike. Cleaning it up and bringing her into 2016. The previous owners had chopped the back frame to receive a hoop, but never finished the job - so just had that all done at "Gusher Cycles" here in Nashville. Would def. recommend Jake. He's a beast. The seat was actually "cut" and tucked under, and attached with zip ties - NOT THE SAFEST - so i'm looking into a custom seat at the moment. I've also decided to re-wire it from scratch, and after discovering a link on here for "sparckmoto" i'm well on my way and excited to do so - if you haven't seen that site... go now! No doubt i'll be posting pictures on here, and asking for help along the away. But having a blast in the meantime. What wonderful bikes these are! The goal for mine is a sort of british-racer inspired brat bike. A japanese bike in british clothing haha!