Author Topic: '73 TX500A woes.  (Read 3641 times)

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Re: '73 TX500A woes.
« Reply #15 on: January 22, 2017, 01:05:19 AM »
After countless carby pulldowns, Mixture adjustments, timing adjustments, new plugs, new points and hours of head scratching I think I now have the beast running properly.
Yesterday morning I sat here and read through all of the posts (and there are a lot of them) concerning engines that weren't doing as they should.
One post caught my attention because it mentioned valve clearance settings as a 'first step', something I had not attended to.
I went out and pulled the rocker cover off and all of the 8 valves were set way too tight. The exhaust were at around 0.1mm and the inlet at around 0.05.
After resetting them at the book settings (0.2mm and 0.15mm) I put her all back together.
This morning I had the first real ride since I've owned her... about 30 k's of absolute bliss  8).
I think it's pretty much all sorted now... apart from the new pilot jet plugs and mixture screww O rings which are on thier way. I got around the pilot jet plugs problem by cutting thin strips of alfoil and wrapping them around the plugs which gave them a nice firm fit when I put them back in... at best a temporary fix, but it worked.
I'm looking forward to painting her now, black with a blood red pearl, and getting her registered.
Thanks for all the help... no doubt I'll require more... and 'Happy riding'.