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About the BOM
« on: November 04, 2012, 08:34:51 PM »
Bike of the month (BOM) is for TX/XS500 owners to show and tell their bikes!

You might only put one or two photos in the "Your Bike" board, but BOM is the "in depth" photo shoot. We want pics, the more the better! And you won't have to upload them, just include them in an email to Gymi*. If you really have only one pic, that's ok too. We might also ask you to tell us about you , your bike, and bikes in general.

A pic of your bike will center the site logo for about a month.
We'll link the pic directly to your bike of the month feature in the BOM category.

Your bike does not need to be a show bike. ANY style is welcome!
Even if you've got a project part way done, and you've logged some pics, send 'em in!

*Who is Gymi? Check in members for his email address.