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Idea to promote more member input
« on: August 08, 2018, 02:45:45 AM »
Hey everyone.  I know that one of the ongoing discussions about this forum is the slow response time, or lack there of, when posting new topics.

I personally don't think it takes that long to get responses.

One thing I've noticed is it's hard to screen for the most recent topics started, therefore making it difficult to give input.

There are already "unread post " buttons in each section which work great.  But it would be cool to have a dedicated "most recent" section that has (you guessed it) the most recent stuff people are talking about.

Now I know that those of us who are a littler more familiar with this site can navigate it just fine.  But I remember when I first registered how confusing it was as a newbie.  I think whatever can be done to make the newbies more comfortable would really help.  I think it would get them stoked about this forum a little more.


i have a couple......

1.  A large font statement on the home page that stands out from the listed categories saying hello, and instructions to introduce yourself, register your bike, etc.
2.  Maybe some pictures of the latest bikes people have been talking about in the categories.  Pictures get people interested, and are more engaging.

I'm not trying to say this place isn't awesome, because I would be lost without the knowledge of some individuals on here.  I'm just saying that maybe some steps could be made to try and get more people interacting with one another (more than just drive by info questions with no contribution to the forum)