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Ed's September 2012
« on: November 18, 2012, 04:06:37 PM »
As far as the bike goes it is a 77 that I acquired from my father in law when my wife volunteered me to "clean it up for him".

  He had acquired it as payment for work he had done for someone.  After I was about 3/4 done with the bike he showed up at my house and handed me the title.

 He stated that he felt I would enjoy it more than him and added that he did not even have a motorcycle license.  (!!!)
The bike is pretty much stock.  I changed the handlebars to a bit lower European style.

 I also changed the mufflers because the ones that were on it were beat, and the previous owner hacked them up to take the baffles out.

  Everything was cleaned and adjusted to make it reliable.  I took out the stock airbox and replaced it with K&N pods with a rejet.

  This was done mainly because he engine was a bear to get back in the frame with the stock parts.  All paint and polish was done in my garage.  The frame was done in Imron.

 This was a low budget build.

 With the price of the bike and parts and paint I probably have about $800.00 - $900.00 in to it.  I love using it to commute to work now.

 I laugh inside when people ask me what it is since the engine side cases clearly indicates the make.

Thanks for the interest, and thanks for providing people like me a place to go to research the gremlins that sometimes occur with these classics.