Author Topic: I Can't Retrieve my Member Information - emails esp!  (Read 1990 times)

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We are aware that some members will have a few problems getting back on.

If you registered on the old ProBoards site with a email address, then we are struggling to get in touch with you.  Comcast very famously have pretty strict SPAM blocking.  Most email addresses that Gymi sent the announcement to bounced back.  In fact the Comcast emails were the only ones that bounced back as undeliverable!  We then used several other email addresses and IP addresses to contact these members- some emails got through and some still failed. Sorry- we can do nothing more.  :(  It follows then, that if you try and activate your old ProBoards username, then the activation email that gets sent out may also not get through to you.  You either need to tell Comcast that is a safe sender- or email admin[at]xs500forum[dot]com with your problem and perhaps an email account that will talk to us.

We also had emails bounced back as undeliverable due to the email account not existing.  Either the member has changed email provider or the email account has been cancelled for some other reason.  You will need to email us with your details so we can update your email contact before you can re-activate.

Some members may have forgotten either their ProBoards username or the email address they originally used to register.  Not so silly- my PC automatically logs me on so I haven't typed my details in for months.  Again- email us at the address above with the problem and we will try and sort it out.

Finally- if the whole interwebby thing is confusing you and you just want to get back on and yak bikes- email us for help!

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