FAQ: How To Adjust Rear Shocks On Harley Davidson Softail?

How do you adjust a Softail rear suspension?

Turn the shock adjuster plates inward — clockwise — away from the jam nut to lower the spring pre-load and smooth out the ride for lighter loads. Make sure you turn the shock adjuster plates an equal number of turns for each shock. Tighten the jam nut on each shock absorber in a clockwise direction.

Can you adjust the suspension on a Softail?

Softtail Shock Adjustment You will need a spanner wrench (Harley Davidson part # 94448-82B) and a large 1-1/16″ wrench. The 1-1/16″ wrench is used for the jam nut. With your shock preload adjusted for your optimum comfort, you may find yourself riding longer distances with less fatigue.

Where is the suspension on a Softail?

For its suspension system, the Softail utilizes a cage that looks like an old rigid frame to replace the swingarm. However, it still pivots in the front and supports a wheel in the rear.

How do you change shocks on a Softail?

How to Install Shocks on a Softail Motorcycle

  1. Raise the bike with a bike lift. Place the lift toward the rear of the bike frame so it will lift the rear tire off the ground.
  2. Install the frame end of the left shock first. Ensure that the shock eye and frame holes are clean and free of debris or oil.
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How do you adjust the shocks on a progressive 422?

 Your new 422 series with RAP Softail suspension system actually has two methods of adjusting your preload. The most convenient is by simply turning the RAP adjuster knob – clockwise to increase preload (reducing sag) and counterclockwise to reduce preload (increase sag).

Can you lower a Softail Slim?

Softail Models – lowering a Softail Slim – Yes, this is a bit unusual but my 5′ tall wife can’t seem to get flat footed due to the width of the 103 motor. This bike is already so low, you can scrape floorboards if you get too aggressive.

What is a Softail Slim?

The 2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim is a classic cruiser done up in bobber styling —a minimal aesthetic that’s popular among younger riders and custom builders. With features like spoked wheels, chopped fenders, floorboards, and shotgun exhaust this should be on anyone’s list if they are looking for a 1950-style ride.

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