How To Check Codes On A Harley Davidson?

What is the red key light on my Harley?

The red “key” light is telling you that the security system is operational. The fact that it goes out after you start it up means that the security system is disarmed.

What is the default Harley security code?

By Bikers For Bikers. VIDEO-If your Harley Davidson is equipped with a factory installed alarm then you really need to immediately change your security PIN code. Harley puts a standard factory preset PIN code and it is usually 31313.

What does low RNG mean on Harley?

“LO RNG” to indicate that the motorcycle will shortly run out of fuel. When the low fuel warning lamp turns on, the fuel level is low. Refuel as soon as possible. The range display is only updated when the vehicle is moving. The automatic fuel range display is enabled after the ignition is turned OFF IGN.

What is a Tssm?

Acronym. Definition. TSSM. Two-Spotted Spider Mite.

How do you check V Rod codes?

5- to get DTC within an area, you push and hold the button in for 5 seconds and if there are any, it will be displayed you can release the button. As you push the button again, other codes will appear if they are there.

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How do you read a engine code without a scanner?

Depress the odometer “Trip” and “Reset” buttons while simultaneously turning the ignition key “On” and “Off.” End with the key in the “On” position. Release the odometer buttons and read the trouble codes from the digital odometer.

Where can I read car codes for free?

If you have a problem with your car and you don’t know what it is, most auto part stores (such as AutoZone, Pep Boys and Advance Auto Parts) will provide a free diagnostic code reading. It is also called an OBD reading.

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