How To Install Harley Davidson Engine Gaurd Footpegs?

Are highway pegs worth it?

Yes, passengers can have highway style pegs. If you ride two up frequently on long trips, it will be worth the investment for the passenger who gets overlooked most of the time on creature comforts.

Are highway pegs safe?

To be safe using highway pegs takes some forethought and common sense to use them safely: On the Interstate, with little traffic, they are safe but in traffic, they are not so.

Why do motorcycle pegs fold?

One of the reasons for the nearly universal use of folding footpegs and folding footboards by OEMs is to serve as “lean angle feelers” and provide a margin of safety before the contact of immovable hard parts. Another reason for folding footpegs is to make it less likely for one to be impaled on a footpeg in a crash.

Are highway pegs universal?

Universal highway pegs for highway, motorcycle and similar applications. Mounting clamp firmly grips the engine guard, and then anodised black steel stake is clamped onto the stock handlebars of your motorcycle. Universally fit for most of motorcycle models.

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