Often asked: How To Adjust The Throttle Cable On Harley Davidson Golf Cart?

How to adjust golf cart throttle?

Pull the spring that is present around the plastic piece located behind the shifter. Spin it until it falls back. Loosen the throttle cable present in the cable box to adjust the extent to which you can take it out of the housing. Press the accelerator so that the golf cart starts up and begins to idle.

Why does my Harley have 2 throttle cables?

A push/pull throttle cable is an upgrade to the old standard single throttle cable linkage. The throttle grip works on the carburettors when twisting/throttling up and when releasing/throttling down. The second cable pulls the carb closed so it isn’t stuck wide open.

What Does the governor do on a golf cart?

About Golf Cart Governors: The ground speed governor, as it’s called among the golf cart manufacturers, is a mechanical device usually either inside or in someway related to the differential, which controls your top end flat ground speed to prevent the rpms of the engine from exceeding recommended specifications.

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How do I stop my golf cart from backfiring?

How do I stop my golf cart from backfiring? One simple way to stop the golf cart from backfiring is to use good quality fuel. Once this is done, ensure that the throttle plate is closed by adjusting the accelerator cable at the plate.

What is the throttle friction screw?

Adjust the throttle friction with the adjustment screw that’s typically below the throttle on the tiller. The idea is to set the throttle friction so that it’s not too much effort holding a speed but not so much that you can’t make quick adjustments in response to changing operating conditions.

How do you bypass the governor on a Yamaha golf cart?


  1. Find the small cable that runs from the carburetor to the governor. Remove the cable from the carburetor.
  2. Follow the cable from the carburetor to the governor. The governor sits on the top middle of the engine.
  3. Reroute the gas pedal cable to the carburetor.
  4. Adjust the gas pedal.

How do you adjust the governor on a golf cart?

If you find this rod, then your governor can be easily adjusted by accessing the cart’s inner workings. Simply adjust the cable coming from this metal protrusion, turning the nut counterclockwise to make the cable longer, effectively adjusting the cart’s governance to increase the overall speed.

How do you bypass the governor on a EZ Go golf cart?

How to Bypass a Golf Cart Governor

  1. Disconnect the throttle cable that is present in front of the governor arm.
  2. Push the spring downward and before the governor arm.
  3. Hook the spring back in its original position. This is typically above the cable attachment point.
  4. Reconnect the throttle cable.
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Why is my throttle sticking on my Harley?

A sticky throttle could be caused by worn cables, lack of lubrication in the cables or the cable getting bound up somewhere in the mechanism. Or it can be caused by an issue with the carburetor or EFI. If the screws in the throttle housing are too tight it could cause the cable to stick.

How do you reattach a throttle cable?

Push the new cable through the firewall and into the engine compartment. Step 2: Hook the new cable up to the accelerator pedal. Slide the new cable through the slotted hole in the accelerator pedal. Step 3: Reconnect the throttle cable to the retaining bracket.

What does the idle cable do on a Harley?

Premium Member. The spring on the end of the Throttle return (idle) cable is a safety feature designed to prevent you from jamming the throttle actuator back into the closed position. It also allows for the change in cable sleeve geometry when you turn the handlebars.

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