Often asked: How To Replace Shifting Shaft On Harley Davidson Electra Glide?

Why do Harleys clunk when shifting?

Harley Davidson motorcycles make a loud clunking noise when shifting into gear because they have dog ring gearboxes instead of a synchromesh ring. The clunking noise that a Harley makes when shifting into gear is normal, but the clunking can be exasperated in cold weather or by a too high idle speed.

What is the shift pattern on a Harley Davidson?

What is the shift pattern on a Harley Davidson? First gear is down all the way, Neutral is half a click up, then 2nd gear, then 3rd and so on up to 5th or 6th, depending on the bike. Then down shift again all the way to first.

Why is my Turbo 350 leaking?

Your leak, as mentioned, could be from the front trans seal sealing the t/conv snout, or a faulty O-ring about the oil pump and the ring has a scratch/divot as the pump was installed into the case. Oil leaked up inside the case and when the oil reached the O-ring seal defect, oil leaked out.

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