Often asked: How To Use Harley Davidson Brand Ratchet Straps Part Number 94704-10?

How do you use ratchet straps on a motorcycle?

How to Use Them

  1. Tighten the straps in the front to evenly to make sure the motorcycle stays vertical so that it doesn’t fully compress the suspension.
  2. Secure the rear ratchet straps to a solid point on the rear of the motorcycle frame or swing arm while carefully avoiding any break lines or electrical wirings.

What is a ratchet strap used for?

What are ratchet straps and what are they used for? This supportive equipment, which are also known as lashing straps and tie-downs, are mainly used for transportation and are a popular method of holding in place equipment and cargo of different weights, sizes, and shapes.

How many straps do you need to tie-down a motorcycle?

You will need two straps and two soft loops to ensure that your bike is secured properly. These should be attached to the corners of the vehicle or trailer you will be using for transportation.

Do you need a wheel chock to trailer a motorcycle?

Securing a motorcycle to a trailer or the back of your pickup truck is vital if you want to transport it safely. Most motorcycle tie-down tutorials will recommend using at least one chock. Wheel chocks are small wedges that you fit underneath the wheels of your bike, so it doesn’t move back and forth.

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