Quick Answer: Harley Davidson Capstone Sunshield Modular Helmet How Make It?

Who makes the Harley-Davidson Capstone helmet?

Ride Enhancing Features: Retractable Sun Shield deploys quickly and easily. Face shield features 95% UV protection, an anti-scratch coating, and uses the QuickSlide shield replacement system for quick, secure, tool-free removal and installation. Helmet bag included. Manufacturer & Certification: HJC.

Who makes Capstone sun shield H24 modular helmet?

Harley-Davidson engineered the Capstone Sun Shield H24 Modular Helmet with essential comfort-focused qualities. Like better venting to keep it cool inside.

Who makes the Harley m05 helmet?

The helmet weights 3 lbs. 14 oz. If you are uncertain of your size, we recommend you try on Harley® helmets at a dealer. Manufactured by Harley-Davidson®.

Who makes the HD H24 helmet?

Capstone Sun Shield H24 Modular Helmet.

Does HJC make Harley helmets?

Many Harley owners posted that they owned multiple helmets branded as Harley, and that these were made by helmet manufacturers KBC and HJC, and carried tags stating that they were made in Korea and Malaysia. The top two helmets manufactured for HD are part of the FXRG collection, which has the motto “Never Compromise”.

What is a modular helmet?

Speaking of hinges, that brings us to modular helmets (also known as flip-up helmets ). These helmets are similar to the classic full face helmet, but they feature a flip-up front visor that allows the rider to lift it up for a breath of fresh air.

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What is smart HJC helmet?

SMART HJC 20B is a Bluetooth communication system co-developed with SENA tailored specially for HJC’s helmets. Based on SENA’s best-selling model 20S, the 20B model provides an optimal Bluetooth environment with intuitive operation and easy installation of the unit.

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