Quick Answer: How To Change Colors On Harley Davidson Speedometer?

How do you change the mileage on a Harley Davidson speedometer?

All you have to do is remove the old speedo, plug the new one into the data port. Let it do it’s thing. Then install the new speedo. You don’t need the old one plugged in while you do this.

What does the red light on a Harley speedometer mean?

With the Ignition switch off, put the bike into the “run” position, then turn on the ignition. This should put your bike into diagnostics mode. Use the “Trip” switch to cycle through the codes. anyway.that red light means check your codes!

How do you get moisture out of a Harley speedometer?

If the problem persists after a long ride, you may need to heat the instruments to dry them out. Instead of using a hair dryer, put a light globe close to where the moisture is and leave it on over night or for a couple of days, depending on how bad the condensation is.

What is a Tssm Harley?

This Bulletin covers the TSSM ( Turn Signal Security Module ) reset procedure for 2001 and new non-canbus Harley-Davidson Models (with alarm) which should be completed when the turn signals are flashing rapidly with the Signal Stabilizer installed correctly.

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What does a red light mean on a motorcycle?

Green/Blue: A system is active and working as it should. Amber: There’s a fault somewhere – take extra care and have a look as soon as possible. Red: There’s a serious fault on your motorbike – stop driving as soon as it is safe to do so.

How do you remove condensation from a motorcycle speedometer?

Some say take a hair dryer on low and gently warm the bezel glass until the water evaporates. Or wait it out. It should go away eventually.

How do you get rid of condensation in your gauges?

What You Can Do to Help Stop Fogging? Turning on the instrument with the instrument light β€œon” will speed up moisture removal. The heat from the light and the electronics increases the temperature inside of the instrument. As the temperature increases the air is circulated around.

How do I clean a foggy dashboard?

How to Clean a Cloudy Instrument Panel Lens

  1. Clean the instrument panel lens with mild dish soap and water.
  2. Moisten a cotton swab slightly with the soapy water to clean along the edges of the instrument panel lens.
  3. Use a plastic cleaner to clean the top surface of the instrument panel if it’s still cloudy.

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