Quick Answer: How To Put A 2017 Harley Davidson In Transport Mode?

How do I put my Harley in transport mode?

Enter Transport Mode: Before the security lamp goes out, turn the ignition switch to OFF. Within three seconds, simultaneously press both the left and the right turn signal switches. After the turn signals flash once, the system enters the transport mode.

How do I get my Harley out of transport mode?

When the vehicle is in the transport mode, the security system does not respond to motion detection. To exit the transport mode, use the key fob to disarm the vehicle.

Why does my Harley say enter PIN?

If you have a security-equipped Harley-Davidson, you know that without your key fob present, the bike will not start. Using the left turn signal to cycle through the digits and the right turn signal to select and move onto the next slot, you enter your personalized five-digit PIN and your bike will start.

How do you push start a Harley?

How to bump start a Harley Davidson

  1. Find a hill (or some friends) One way that Harleys differ from other motorcycles is their sheer size and weight – these pigs are heavy!
  2. Turn the ignition on.
  3. Shift the bike into 2nd or 3rd gear and hold the clutch in.
  4. Get pushing.
  5. Pull the clutch back in right away.
  6. Keep it running.
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What is parade mode on a Harley?

My harley (2012 Ultra Classic) is currently in what they have nicknamed “parade mode”. this is the mode where when the rear cylinder reaches I believe 286 degrees, the bike shuts it off and turns it into an air pump to aid in cooling the rear cylinder. You you all keep your bike in this mode or do you turn it off.

What is the Harley Davidson Security option?

The only security system designed and approved by the Harley-Davidson® Motor Company. When armed, the Security System disables the starter and ignition while monitoring the electrical system and vehicle motion with adjustable sensitivity.

How much does it cost to ship a Harley Davidson?

The cost to ship a Harley varies based on the distance, the size of the bike, and the services needed to ensure safe transport. The average Harley shipment costs $0.60 per mile for shipments under 1000 miles and $2.40 per mile for shipments under 100 miles.

What kind of battery does a Harley key fob take?

1. Insert a five cent coin or similar size blade into the thumbnail slot on the side of the FOB to separate the two halves. 2: Remove the old battery and discard. 3: Install a new battery (Size 2032) with the positive (+) side facing down.

How do you put a motorcycle in neutral without a key?

Keep the clutch depressed with the left hand, and lift gently up on the shifter pedal/lever with your left toe. You should feel a slight click as the transmission finds its way to neutral position between first and second gears. You can repeat this step as many times as necessary to get the feel for it.

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