Quick Answer: How Yo Resrt Security Alarm On 2011 Harley Davidson?

How do I reset my Harley Davidson security system?

Disarming with Your PIN

  1. Turn the key to “Ignition.”
  2. Hold both turn signal switches until you receive confirmation.
  3. Enter the first number by pressing the left turn signal the same number of times as the digit.
  4. Press the right turn signal once. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have entered your PIN.

How do I change the security code on my Harley?

Turn the key to IGNITION. Immediately hold both turn signal indicators until FIVE dashes appear in the odometer gauge. Select the first digit of your PIN (a) by pressing the left turn signal button (a) times. Press the right turn signal switch one time to move to the next digit.

How do I disarm my Harley alarm?

To disarm the system: With an assigned fob present, the system automatically disarms when the ignition key is turned to IGNITION. When the module disarms, the optional siren will chirp once and the key icon will illuminate for a solid four seconds and then turn off.

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What is the default Harley security code?

By Bikers For Bikers. VIDEO-If your Harley Davidson is equipped with a factory installed alarm then you really need to immediately change your security PIN code. Harley puts a standard factory preset PIN code and it is usually 31313.

Why does my Harley security light stay on?

It could be something as simple as one of your signal or running lights is out. The key light stays on if you have a blown bulb.

What does the red light on my Harley mean?

With the Ignition switch off, put the bike into the “run” position, then turn on the ignition. This should put your bike into diagnostics mode. Use the “Trip” switch to cycle through the codes. anyway.that red light means check your codes!

Why is my Harley Davidson asking for a PIN?

If you have a security-equipped Harley-Davidson, you know that without your key fob present, the bike will not start. Using the left turn signal to cycle through the digits and the right turn signal to select and move onto the next slot, you enter your personalized five-digit PIN and your bike will start.

How do I disconnect my Harley battery without alarm?

Re: How to remove the battery without alarm going off? Have the Fob near the bike and turn on the ignition then turn it off. This should reset the alarm.

How do I get my Harley out of transport mode?

When the vehicle is in the transport mode, the security system does not respond to motion detection. To exit the transport mode, use the key fob to disarm the vehicle.

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How do I know if my Harley has a security system?

Registered. One way to tell for sure is to determine whether your bike has a Turn Signal Module (TSM) or a Turn Signal Security Module(TSSM) installed. TSM = no security system TSSM = security system. On the side of the module there should be a sticker with a H-D part number.

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