Readers ask: What Bolts Come On Stock Harley Davidson Risers?

What size are Harley riser bolts?

Riser bolt length should be fine. They are 1/2″ x 20 threads per inch.

Can you put risers on a Road Glide?

Thrashin Road Glide Riser Adapter is designed to put our Thrashin Risers on your Road Glide.

How do you wire a T bar internally?

Pull a bars length out the wire hole, than leave the same length on the wire side. Tape one wire at a time, light lube and full thru, untape, pull the fishing line back, but not completely out. Tape and pull another wire until they are all done. Stagger the solder joints so they don’t all bunch up in one spot.

What does pull back on handlebars mean?

Pullback: Measure straight back, the distance from where the handlebars mount to where the grip tip ends (bars must be positioned at the angle they will be mounted on the bike)

Are 16 inch ape hangers comfortable?

I just put on 16″, there comfortable as hell! I never had them on any bikes prior, rode my buddy’s always a nice ride. I can tell you this having drags for years, having higher bars in my case, prevents that shoulder/neck cramp some guys get

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