Readers ask: What Is Engine Sumping Harley Davidson?

What is Sumping on a Harley?

The ‘wet sumping’ issues of Harley-Davidson’s Milwaukee Eight engine are well-documented. Sumping, if you don’t know, is the accumulation of oil in the bottom of the crankcase when the engine is run at high speeds for long distances. Air compresses and oil doesn’t. Air has little inertia, while oil has a lot.

What causes wet Sumping?

The term wet sumping is used to describe when oil fills the crankcase of a dry sump system. There are two causes for this: Oil is not returning to the tank or oil is seeping through the pump while the engine is sitting unused. Both are oil pump related issues.

How do you stop wet Sumping?

Wet sumping prevention – electrical interlock to a pressure switch in the oil line. A different approach would be to put a cut out switch at the end of the line (off the rocker feed) so that any loss of oil pressure would kill the ignition.

How does Harley dry sump work?

Harleys, you see, have dry-sump engines. That means the oil sits in a tank totally separate from the engine, usually under the seat somewhere, and is pumped in and out by an oil pump that bolts to the outside of the engine.

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What is the best oil for a Harley Davidson?

Here are our top recommended the best oil for Harley Davidson V-Twin Cam:

  • Best Overall: AMSOIL FULL SYNTHETIC Motorcycle Oil 20W-50.
  • Runner-Up: Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Motor Oil.
  • Best Budget: Castrol 06116 POWER1 V-TWIN 4T 20W-50.

How long will a Harley M8 last?

The new M8 will probably be good for 200,000 miles before an overhaul, in my opinion it’s the best motor they have ever built.

What does Sumping mean?

noun.: a shot or blast for making a sump or deepening a mine shaft.

What causes oil to come out of the breather on a Harley Davidson?

The breather system vents inside the air cleaner housing, into the back of the filter, which has been removed for this photo. Obviously, if very much oil gets into the filter, it leaks out, eventually exiting the housing, causing a drip.

Why do old Harleys leak oil?

Harleys do not leak engine oil. Early Harleys used an automatic lubrication system that drew oil from the oil pump to lubricate the primary chain. What seems like oil leaking from the motorcycle is actually excess oil dripping off from the primary chaincase.

What is Harley m8 Sumping?

Sumping is when the suction side of the oil pump does not remove enough oil from the crankcase. Thus, oil gets trapped in the crankcase and does not return to pump. The Milwaukee-Eight oil sumping issue is because the stock oil pump may be inadequate.

Are Harleys dry clutch?

Registered. Harley’s last dry clutch on a touring model was in 1984.

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What is better wet sump or dry sump?

A dry sump tends to hold more oil than a wet sump in an extra reservoir, so that means it works better for sustained cornering since it’s harder to starve the engine of oil. It also allows you to mount the engine lower since it has a shallower oil pan, that improves the center of gravity.

What is dry Sumping?

Most production cars have a wet sump oil system. In a dry sump, extra oil is stored in a tank outside the engine rather than in the oil pan. There are at least two oil pumps in a dry sump — one pulls oil from the sump and sends it to the tank, and the other takes oil from the tank and sends it to lubricate the engine.

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