FAQ: What Does The Exup Systemdo On Yamaha R1?

What does the Exup valve do?

This is a system that employs a variable EXUP valve in the muffler that can change the configuration of the exhaust duct in a way that controls fluctuations in exhaust pressure at the moments of overlap between the intake and exhaust valves in order to improve intake efficiency, boost power output and improve fuel

What does Exup stand for?

A four-stroke power valve is a device fitted to four-stroke engines that constantly adjusts the internal diameter of the exhaust system to better suit the speed of the engine. Yamaha was the first to develop such a system, called the Exhaust Ultimate Power Valve (EXUP).

What is Exup eliminator?

Description: Graves Motorsports Universal EXUP Eliminator is a simple plug-and-play application that allows the removal of the EXUP valve and motor without setting the “Check Engine light” being activated when using a full racing exhaust.

What is the redline of a Yamaha R1?

Mechanically, the carburetors were re-jetted in an effort to improve throttle response, especially in the low end, all the way up to the bike’s 11,750 rpm redline.

What is the purpose of a servo buddy?

Servo Buddy allows for a complete elimination of the servo motor, valve & cables. Utilizing the Servo Buddy improves reliability by eliminating issues when the factory servo motor fails.

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How does servo buddy work?

It works by electrically mimicking the working exhaust servo so the computer thinks all is well with the exhaust circuit preventing the FI light from coming on due to exhaust faults while still keeping the lights other functionality to warn you if anything else is wrong with the bike!

Is R1 faster than R6?

THe R1 has more, much more, power throughout the entire rev range. The R6 cant put you on your back in 1st or second gear by a mere twist of the throttle, the R1 can.

Which R1 is the fastest?

Launched in 1998, the Yamaha YZF R1M is the fastest production motorcycle the company has ever made.

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